Thoughts on Google Fiber for Madison, a 4 part series

The day the Google Fiber announcement came out, I was very excited and had a lot of thoughts I wanted to put down in a blog post. At about the same time, I got a fellowship out in Washington, DC – starting March 1st, so blogging fell down the priority list as I put life on hold in Madison and headed out east for a few months. I managed to get about half of it done before I skipped town.

Because I am not known for my blogging brevity, I broke things up into four posts.

1.  Why is Google building this network in the first place? This post is a bit technical, though read the end for two good links on privacy and liberty in a world where everything you do produces computer data.

2. Why might Madison get the network? I cover a bit of why I think Madison might get the network, why Madison might not get the network, some background on MUFN – the Madison Unified Fiber Network, and MBI – the Madison Broadband Initiative, which is like MUFN but hasn’t been covered much or really at all in the press, and finally, some thoughts on what happens if Madison doesn’t get the network – should we just build it ourselves anyway?

3. How should Madison go about trying to get the network? What are we doing well with our application, what are we not doing well, what’s going on with the THRIVE and the Madison Economic Development Commission, and finally, how does this relate to Government 2.0, and citizen empowerment?

4. My original email to the Mayor and Alders. Just for completeness.


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  1. Daniel Jackson on

    Forget Google! We are building fiber internet right now in Prairie du Sac, last year we built Caledonia, Roxbury, and upgraded large parts of our old plant (Merrimac) to fiber to the home. Where is our coverage? We did it with no government loans, subsides or stimulus money, just hard work and determination. Our call center is here in good old Wisconsin. Next year we are going to build Sauk City and keep building rural Wisconsin as we have for the last 5 years. We build to fiber right to customer houses along with companies such as Culvers and Wollersheim. In addition we also have telephone and cable TV. Our telephone maxes out at $24.99 including all call features and free unlimited local and long distance. See Charter, Verizon, or TDS do that! That is on top of our current construction of our Wi-Fi in Sauk County.
    Daniel Jackson
    Chief Technical Officer
    Merrimac Communications
    327 Palisade St
    Merrimac, WI 53561

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