Fast but ugly

They’ve been working on Chadbourne all summer, adding a new tower onto the building. They seem to have pretty much finished up, and it was an amazingly fast project. The main purpose of the tower is to hold a new elevator shaft.

First, here’s what the building looked like earlier, viewed from the south (sorry, can’t find a CC-licensed image, so just linking to a flickr page)

Now, here’s the new elevator addition.

Chadbourne has never looked nice, and it doesn’t seem likely that as the building ages we’ll appreciate it like we do the Lakeshore dorms. It is also just an elevator shaft, but I’m amazed at how ugly it is. I know there’s not really anything that could use windows, but a 13 story blank brick wall is pretty cold and brutal, especially when it faces southwest and right onto University Ave. Would it have killed them to mix up the brick color a bit?

That said, when the UW has tried to texture building exteriors, it’s come up with such winners as the Mcardle Cancer Center.

Maybe it’s better that we kept it simple.

ps for fun reading, check out UW Housing’s Master plan of projects til 2020. The new Lakeshore dorm looks pretty cool


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