August ASM Meeting

During the summer, when many students are not on campus, ASM operates under a set of rules that are meant to ensure that things can get done, but still protects the larger, absent group of students from those that are still in town. An example of one of these protections is that the small group of students still in town cannot change the ASM bylaws during the summer.

ASM’s definition of the summer session ends two weeks before fall semester classes begin, which this year is September 2nd.  This means the August 22nd council meeting will be operating under normal rules, and will be able to change bylaws. (It also means that the quorum threshold is higher, so this could be a very short meeting.)

Now, there are a number of bylaws things that need to be fixed, from our outdated standing agenda to reforming the coordinating council. We don’t need to do them all at this meeting, and really waiting until classes actually start would be better. However, there are some changes that are important to implement in time for the fall election, and we have some calendar constraints if we want to get them done.

The election is not flexible – it is the third week of October. Working backwards, the election commission needs enough time to create a ballot, set a filing deadline, hold training sessions, and to formulate and announce election rules. Election bylaws really should be set before any of the rules are issued, and the election commission thinks they can start no later than September 15th.

Bylaw changes must be passed at two meetings. The next three council meetings are August 22nd, Sept 2nd, and September 16th. So, if we’re going to make changes to election rules, we have to do it this meeting.

At the 22nd meeting, I’ll be proposing a few changes. They would require referenda to ask separate questions and change the definition of freshman so more students are eligible to participate in the fall elections. I will detail each of these in separate posts.


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